Changes ahead in European Baseball

Interesting news from the European Baseball Front. Fellow blogger Extra Innings published an interesting article about upcoming changes in European baseball. Below, I will expound what exactly.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor CEB baseballFirst of all the European Championship. The CEB announced that the bi-annual tournament may expand. In the past edition (2019) there were twelve participating countries. If it is up the the CEB (European Confederation of Baseball) the number of participants will expand to sixteen. For several B-countries it may now be easier to get to or return to the A group of the EC. For the two countries that relegated after the last European Championship, Croatia and Sweden, it may be easier to return to the A-Group as well.

Another upcoming change will be a change in regulations for dual citizenship. What the changes are is not known yet. One thing is sure, several complaints were filed against countries over the timing of citizenship for new players. Even though no name is mentioned, it is likely that the complaints were filed against Israel that approved Israeli citizenship only a few days before the 2019 European Championship started.
For now it is not clear if the changes in these regulations will mean that they will be loosened or tightened. According to Extra Innings, changes would affect A-group countries like Israel, Italy and Spain as those countries have a lot of players from abroad (mainly USA and South and Central America) on their roster. But also countries from the B-group will be affected.

To be continued…

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