Toronto Blue Jays unveil new alternate uniform

Rather unexpected, the Toronto Blue Jays presented a new uniform on their Fanfest today. An alternate powder blue uni and corresponding cap. The uni is a nod to the powder blue road unis the Blue Jays wore at the end of the seventies and in the eighties. 

“Powder blue is hot”, the Blue Jays must have thought. Several clubs like the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers preceded them. The result is a nice looking powder blue uni with navy accents.

The script doesn’t change as does the logo. But the blue piping along with the pants and at the end of the sleeves will have a different shade of blue as does the font on the front of the jersey and the numbers at the back.

The new powder blues are not a copy of the uniforms the Blue Jays wore in the past. Those uniforms had pullover jerseys. The unis presented today are button-downs.
Also, the logo has a different location. On the old pullover jerseys, the logo was in the middle but with the new powder blues, the logo is underneath the lettering on the left (on the right when you look at it).

Mark Shapiro, President & CEO of the Toronto Blue Jays stated: “For years, Blue Jays fans have expressed a desire for the revival of the baby blues.” “We are thrilled to share this original New Blue alternate uniform with Blue Jays fans across Canada.”

The new alternate look is a big success if you’d ask me. Unfortunately, the nice look of the uniform is spoiled by that ugly Nike swoosh which is featured prominently on the front of the jersey.





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