Florida State League rebrands

Today, the Florida State League presented a brand new logo. Except for the outline of the State of Florida, the logo doesn’t look like the former logo at all. Last year the league introduced a 100th-anniversary logo that replaced the old logo temporarily.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Florida State League logo"
Florida State League old logo

As the State of Florida served as the background of a picture of a batter, catcher, and umpire, the State pops out of the roundel of the new logo. The outline of the state is accompanied by a baseball sunburst and two palm trees at the bottom of the logo.

The new logo was designed by Fooser Sports Design, a Florida-based graphic design company.

“We had several discussions about the primary imagery of the brand, but in the end, the state of Florida and its “Sunshine State” nickname seemed to be a perfect fit for everyone, whether they were a coastal or inland team,” said Fooser Sports Design Owner Ryan Foose. “There were thoughts of a new color palette for the league, but the combination of green (palm trees, grass, alligators) and orange (oranges and sunsets) led us to keep the same color scheme and maintains the FSL as the only league with that color combination.”No photo description available.

According to league president Ken Carson, who thanked Craig Warzecha from the Bradenton Marauders who led the Logo Committee to come up with the new logo design, the league has considered a logo change for several years.

A unique aspect of the new look for the league will be team specific versions of a secondary logo, which was created in the colors of each of the 12 teams in the league. With this, the Florida State League is the only league that has a secondary logo.

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