No qualifying offer for Gregorius

According to, the New York Yankees did not make a qualifying offer to shortstop Didi Gregorius. As a result, Gregorious will not be bound to a  draft pick compensation when he will be signed by another club.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Didi Gregorius"

Didi came back after Tommy John surgery and still played 82 games for the Yankees. Unfortunately, his numbers were not very impressive as he hit a subpar .238, his lowest average since breaking into the Bigs in 2012. In 78 games at shortstop, Gregorius committed six errors leading to a .979 fielding percentage.

What this move by the Yankees means is not quite clear. Will the Yankees continue with Gleyber Torres at second or will they move him to shortstop? Torres’ handles the bat tremendously but his defense isn’t his strongest point. In 142 games combined as shortstop and second base, Torres committed twenty errors that lead to a fielding percentage of .964. Gregorius’ increased number of strikeouts and his decreased number of walks may not be good signs for him being re-signed by the Yankees.

When the Yankees will move Torres to shortstop, they likely will move DJ LeMahieu to second base. The Yankees will have a solid hitting middle infield if that will happen.

Another possibility is the Yankees turning to another club for a trade. Of course, it is still possible that the Yankees will re-sign Gregorius. In their own farm system, there is no prospect at shortstop ready to make the step to the Majors as none has been playing higher than A Full Season so far.

One Reply to “No qualifying offer for Gregorius”

  1. I think Didi will make a good match with the Reds, the team that originally signed him. Maybe Brewers.
    I would not count out a reunion with the Yankees. With all that power in that lineup, his bat holds up for his defence at SS.


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