2019 Premier 12: Watch the Netherlands vs Dominican Republic here

Today, the Kingdom of the Netherlands will take on the Dominican Republic. The Dominicans debut at the Premier 12. For both teams it is a must-win situation as both lost yesterday. The Dominicans fell to Mexico 6-1 in a rain-shortened game.

Thinking of today’s matchup, the 2009 WBC comes to mind where the Dutch team was the underdog but beat a starstudded Dominican team twice and sent them home. Four years later, the two countries met again in the semi-final of the WBC in San Francisco. The Dominicans righted a wrong (in their eyes) and beat the Dutch 4-1.

Today’s teams don’t come close to those of the 2013 WBC. The Dominicans have a mix of MiLB players of all levels and some players from their own league. The Dutch have a mix of players with MLB experience, minor leaguers of various levels and players from the Dutch hoofdklasse.

Today’s game will start at 12:00 PM local time in Guadalajara (19:00 CET).

The game can be seen here or through the Facebook page of the WBSC or the Youtube Channel of the WBSC.

Enjoy the game and let’s hope the provided links will work this time.

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