2019 Dutch hoofdklasse: Promotion/relegation series, game 1

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Today the first game of the promotion/relegation series between Kinheim (overgangsklasse) and DSS (hoofdklasse) was played. The background of this series is rather odd as both teams, that are literally neighbors, are investigating cooperation. In this best-of-five series, DSS struck first and won 1-0.

Even though Kinheim was the home team, the game was played at the DSS grounds. The outfield in the Pim Mulier Stadium was in pretty bad shape and because DSS has a baseball ground with artificial turf, the choice to move the game to that ballpark wasn’t hard.

After a rain delay of an hour, DSS struck first in the second inning. Diamon Silberie reached base on what should have been a forceout at second base but thanks to an error by second baseman Rene Cremer, Silberie reached base safely and Leandro Anasagasti scored the opening run.

In the bottom of the fifth, Kinheim was close to tie the game as Nick Hofer dashed home from third on a wild pitch but he forgot to touch home plate as he was frightened by the throw of catcher Koen Halderman to the pitcher who did not cover home plate.
On his way to the dugout, Hofer was tagged out.

As the game continued, it developed into a real pitchers duel, even though the number of base hits was on the high side. On both sides, the base hits were spread out through the game so neither team didn’t get close to scoring more runs.

Both teams had chances to score in the seventh inning. DSS had runners on first and second but failed to cash in. Kinheim had runners on the corners but also failed to push through.

In the remainder of the game not much happened so DSS won with the smallest possible margin.

Scott Prins pitched seven strong innings in which he allowed four hits, walked four and struck out seven for the win. Martijn Schoonderwoerd also pitched 6.2 strong innings. He allowed one unearned run on eight hits and a walk and struck out four. Juan Carlos Sulbaran pitched two perfect innings in which he struck out one for the save.
Koen Halderman and Aldi Guzman both went 2 for 4, one of Halderman’s hits was a double.


This report is brought to you by Score66 Baseball.

2 Replies to “2019 Dutch hoofdklasse: Promotion/relegation series, game 1”

  1. Bram Blokker dashed home from third on a wild pitch, but catcher Koen Halderman tossed the ball to pitcher Scott Prins, who covered home plate and was tagged out on a very close play. PbP verslag, duidelijk… op de wilde worp ging Bram naar thuis, maar schrok van de aangooi van Koen vanaf de backstop naar de plaat waar Scott niet was, en miste daardoor de plaat. Teruglopend naar de dugout werd Bram na door Scott getikt te zijn terrecht uitgegeven


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