2019 Olympic Qualifier: Watch South Africa @ Netherlands here

Today the Kingdom of the Netherlands will face South Africa. Both countries did not face each other much, but the South Africans managed to win once. That was during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Two days after the Dutch had stunned the baseball world by beating Cuba, South Africa pulled off a stunt against the Dutch by beating them 2-3 in ten innings.

Today nothing is at stake anymore as Israel has clinched its ticket to Sydney by beating Italy 8-2 yesterday.  Sure, each team has to play two more games, but this “Israel” team will not lose vs the Czech Republic and South Africa, with all due respect. But hey, as long as we can watch baseball and can postpone the end of the season, I am all for it.

The game will start at 13.30 (1.30PM CET).

Here is the link to the live stream of the official Youtube channel of the WBSC. If you want to watch this link, it may be wise to install Browsec VPN on your browser to avoid a blackout.

Another possibility is this link. It leads to Gametime.sport, an alternative channel that airs the Olympic Qualifiers.

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