New in The Dutch hoofdklasse: A Player’s Council

According to the local newspaper Haarlems Dagblad, players of the Dutch hoofdklasse will get a serious voice in the talks about next season's schedule. According to the newspaper, a player's council has been erected. The Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation, KNBSB, has decided to erect a players council.Likely this is an attempt to keep hoofdklasse …

Seven-Inning Baseball Games: Good or Bad?

Due to the coronavirus, several European leagues played games of seven innings instead of nine. The Belgian Baseball Gold League was one of them. Also the Italian Serie A1 played seven innings. But with the latter, there was more behind this decision. At the start of the 2020 season in Italy, there was a video …

KNBSB laat van zich horen na Evaluatie van, Deel II

Afgelopen week toen The Dutch Baseball Hangout een evaluatie maakte van de live streaming van hoofdklasse wedstrijden, werd zij benaderd door Seb Visser, de persvoorlichter van de KNBSB. Seb gaf aan graag e.e.a. uit de doeken te willen doen om de gemiddelde fan meer duidelijkheid te verschaffen over het project dat in samenwerking met Eyecons …

Corona: Different Situations in Europe’s main Baseball Competitions, an update

A month ago, you could read an overview of the baseball situation in each of the main baseball countries in Europe as they all were/are hit by the measurements that surround the coronavirus. Here is an update per country. Belgium: Last week, the KBBSF (Royal Belgian Baseball and Softball Federation) sent a letter to all …

Corona: Different Situations in Europe’s main Baseball Competitions

As the coronavirus seems to be on its return, the baseball situation in the main European baseball countries is very different per country. In this blog post, I try to sum up the situation per country. Belgium: The VBSL (Flemish Baseball and Softball League) has announced that practice may take off on May 18 again …

With contact sports forbidden until September 1, baseball in the Netherlands likely over for 2020

Also in the Netherlands, the government announced a series of facilitation but also limited several sports to take place before September 1st as contact sports are forbidden. With baseball considered a contact sport, starting a decent competition after September 1st will be very hard. Playing baseball with keeping 1.5 meters distance is pretty hard as …

COVID-19 cause for Dutch clubs to make smart financial decisions

Two days ago, the KNBSB (Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation) announced that in the upcoming 2020 season, no teams will relegate or will be promoted. Time for clubs to think about how to spend their resources. With no baseball played so far and the season still up in the air, it remains to be …

Dutch baseball season still uncertain

Last night, the Dutch government announced new measures to contain the coronavirus. Two measures caught the eye and may influence Dutch baseball. The first measure is that festivals and events will be banned until September 1. For Dutch soccer, this also means that the current season will be canceled. Nothing was said about it because …

Dutch baseball season postponed until further notice

Today, the KNBSB (Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation), announced the postponement of the upcoming baseball season. For sure, the season will not start before April 27. But as the Dutch government announced new measures due to the stubbornness of several people not to follow the rules that should prevent a rapid spread of the …

Euro League Baseball officially ceased to exist

After one year the Euro League Baseball did not return. It did not signal its end right away, but it was an omen what was about to come. Eventually, what many expected to happen after a year of silence, happened. The league ceased to exist.  After its inaugural year, the Euro League Baseball did not return. …

Dutch Baseball Federation seems to learn from ELB

After blocking the participation of Dutch clubs and players in the Euro League Baseball, the Dutch Baseball Federation (KNBSB) now appears to have learned from the ideas of the alternate European baseball league. In the past two years, the KNBSB and the CEB (European Baseball Confederation) have made the life of the Euro League Baseball …

Future of the World Baseball Classic not so gloomy after all?

In November last year, you could read that the future of the WBC was in doubt.  But with the attendance figures of the first round released recently, the outlook of this top event in the baseball world may not be as gloomy as reported earlier. In November 2016, Cristian Moreno of ESPN tweeted that the …

Future of ELB may not be as gloomy as it looks like, part 2

About two months ago you could read here that the future of the Euro League Baseball does not look as bad as you might think. Today the league confirmed this in a press release. In the press release, ELB president Wim van den Hurk stated that the league will continue in 2017. Finally the Dutch …

The qualification for the European Champions Cup is flawed

In the recent weeks it became all too clear that the current way to qualify for the European Champions Cup has its flaws. The Dutch competition is set up in such a way that the winner of the regular competition earns a ticket to the ECC. The other ticket goes to the team that reaches …

How to get the Dutch Hoofdklasse back on track?

Baseball is losing ground. Not only in the USA but also in the Netherlands. Less fans that head to the ballparks. Less people that play the game. Thirty years ago, some Hoofdklasse games drew around 800 - 1,000 fans per game easily. Nowadays clubs are happy if there are 100-200 fans in the stands. What needs to be …

Future of ELB may not be as gloomy as it looks like

When Jan Esselman and the CEB threatened to ban L&D Amsterdam Pirates from the European Champions Cup, Amsterdam Baseball withdrew from the Euro League Baseball. L&D Amsterdam Pirates was the main supplier of players to Amsterdam Baseball. Since Esselman allegedly adapted some CEB rules single-handed, L&D Amsterdam Pirates did not have a choice but to …

Friendly match coming up between KOTN and Japan

A Japanese contact informed me about an upcoming friendly between Japan and team Kingdom of the Netherlands. Goal of this game is the promotion of the game of baseball with the 2020 Olympic Games in mind. My contact at the KNBSB confirmed that a friendly match will be played but that the NPB and the …

KNBSB changes stance regarding ELB

When the European Association of Professional Baseball (EAPB) announced the newly erected Euro League Baseball, the CEB announced that it would not recognize the new competiton. In the slipstream of the CEB, the Dutch Federation, the KNBSB, also announced that it would not allow Dutch clubs, playing in the Hoofdklasse, to participate in the ELB …

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