Belgium Presents Roster for European Championship

In an e-mail with loads of information, the KBBSF (Royal Belgian Baseball and Softball Federation) announced the roster of the Red Hawks, the Belgian national team.

The intriguing part of this roster is that it contains hardly any foreign players. One to be exact. Compare this to “Israel” and “Greece,” which both have over 90% of foreign players on its roster.


For the Dutch baseball fans, there are several familiar players, who (have) play(ed) in Dutch baseball: Benjamin Dille (Curaçao Neptunus), Dennis de Quint and Jamie Verheyleweghen (both former Oosterhout Twins) and Matthew Joossens (farm team of Oosterhout Twins).

For the German baseball fans among us, Drew Janssen will be a familiar name. He played with the German champion, Heidenheim Heideköpfe and performed pretty well both at bat as on the mound. He did not play a lot but struck out ten batters in only six innings.

This roster is a good mix of players from several clubs:

1Desmedt Kevin PBrussels Kangaroos
2Driessens Artuur PBrasschaat Braves
3Hendrickx Zane PHoboken Pioneers
4Larrinaga Ocampo Jose Luis  PDeurne Spartans
5Oberto Silva Tomasz PMSG Phoenix
6Van Den Branden Kenny PHoboken Pioneers
7Verspreet Brendan PHoboken Pioneers
8Roevens Robin P/IFBrasschaat Braves
9Janssen Drew P/IFUS College
10Heymans Arthur CNamur Angels
11Poesmans Axel CBrasschaat Braves
12Kaschl Nathan C/UTLBrussels Kangaroos
13Ballardini Lino P/IFBrasschaat Braves
14De Brauwer Zion IFBorgerhout Squirrels
15De Quint Dennis IFHoboken Pioneers
16Dille Benjamin IFRotterdam Neptunus
17Goffaux Benjamin IFHoboken Pioneers
18Verheyleweghen Jamie IFBrasschaat Braves
19Verspreet Xander IFHoboken Pioneers
20Boermans Sam UTLBorgerhout Squirrels
21Devreese Quentin  OFMSG Phoenix
22Joossens Matthew OFOosterhout Twins
23Poesmans Yves OFBrasschaat Braves


1Filip Van der MeirenFieldmanager
2Kevin KnollenburgCoach
3Marc JanssenCoach
4Andy BerglundCoach
5Paco GarciaCoach
6Christophe DassyCoach
7Kevin RoevensPhysio/Trainer

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