2021 Belgian Division One: Makeup Game Between Brasschaat And Deurne

Since the Brasschaat Braves had some obligations in the Federations Cup last week, the game between them and the Deurne Spartans, that was scheduled for last week originally, could not take place. So both teams played game one of the series today and tomorrow, game two will be played.

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Deurne Spartans  1  –  3  Brasschaat Braves
DEU flagIn what turned out to be a nice pitching duel, Brasschaat Braves had to go deep for the win. Both teams combined for twelve base hits, seven by Deurne and five by Brasschaat. 
In the first two innings, neither team did score although Brasschaat had a good shot on scoring a run when it had a runner on third with only one out, but that runner never crossed home plate as Alexis Marquez retired two batters to get out of the inning without any damage. But eventually, the Braves took a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the third inning, when Jamie Verheyleweghen scored on a sac fly. 


The Braves’ lead only lasted an inning and a half. In the top of the fifth, Cole Jenkins recorded two quick outs but couldn’t get out of the inning without allowing a run. Three consecutive singles by Edgardo Nieto Castillo, Alexis Marquez, and Gino Jonis led to the game-tying run. 
Only in the seventh inning, the Braves scored the decisive runs. An RBI double by Robin Roevens and an RBI single by Lino Ballardini, gave the Braves the 3-1 lead that the Spartans could not overcome, partially thanks to a questionable call at second base where Eder Hernanez Sarao was called out as part of a double play. 
Cole Jenkins pitched seven innings for the win. He gave up one run on six hits and fourBRA flag walks and struck out three. Eli Straw earned the save as he pitched two innings in which he allowed one hit and struck out two. Alexis Marquez took the loss despite a good outing. He gave up three runs on five hits and five walks and struck out six in 6.1 innings. 
The best hitter for Brasschaat Braves was Lino Ballardini, who went 1 for 2 with two RBI. 

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