New York Yankees to be Part of Staten Island Atlantic League Team Investor Group

Recently, you could read here about the likelihood of a Staten Island team joining the Atlantic League in 2022. Slowly more becomes clear about the new owner group. One of the partial owners will make your jaw drop.

Richmond County Bank Ballpark – Staten Island Yankees | Stadium Journey
Richmond County Bank Ballpark, future home of the new Staten Island team in the Atlantic League

According to Ballparkdigest, three high profiled Saturday Night Life performers will be part of the new owner group next to investment group leaders John Catsimatidis, head of the Gristedes Foods grocery chain, New Jersey politician Eric Shuffler and Dany Garcia, chairwoman and owner of the XFL.  But the one that is most surprising is the New York Yankees. In some way or another the MLB team will be an investor in the new Atlantic League team.

A very mind boggling development since the New York Yankees were the parent club/owner of the Staten Island Yankees, the club they left to rot in favor of the HudsonValley Renegades in the rescheduling of Minor League Baseball that resulted in the cutting of 42 Minor League teams and the folding of the Staten Island Yankees.
The ownership of the Staten Island Yankees sued their MLB namesake and MLB because of this.

Perhaps the New York Yankees decided to join because the club pledged to retain an interest in running a team in Staten Island…

The SNL performers to invest in the independent Atlantic League team are Staten Island natives Pete Davidson and Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che, a New York City native.

It is good for Staten Island baseball fans that a team will return. But likely, these fans will have a bitter taste in their mouth because of the New York Yankees being a part of the owner group.

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