Olympic Qualifier Streamed Through Youtube and Facebook as Well

Recently the World Baseball and Softball Confederation announced that the games of the final Olympic Qualifier in Mexico will be streamed through ESPN. Luckily for those who do not have a subscription to the sports network, the games will also be streamed on the Youtube channel of the WBSC.

The tournament will start today. The first game will be between the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. The game will start at 5.00 PM local time.

Tomorrow the Kindom of Netherlands will host Venezuela and on Thursday, the Dutch will take on the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Venezuela managers discuss final Olympic baseball qualifier

The streaming on Youtube and Facebook is subject to geo-restrictions, according to the website of the WBSC. In other words, when you are Dutch, there is a big chance that the games cannot be watched through these social media channels since ESPN is broadcasting the games in the Netherlands.

But of course, this geo-restriction can be avoided through a VPN.

Here are the links to the social media channels of the WBSC:



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