Belgian Baseball (and Softball) to Start in The Upcoming Weekend

A few weeks ago, the announcement was made already but now it becomes very real. In the upcoming weekend, all of baseball and softball in Belgium will start. The timing couldn’t be better.

Competitions Baseball & Softball

Since there is no baseball in the Dutch hoofdklasse in the coming weeks, the start of the baseball season in Belgium couldn’t come at a better time. It will give Dutch baseball lovers the opportunity to attend live games in Belgium.

In the highest Belgian baseball league, the Division 1, the following doubleheaders are scheduled on Saturday, June 12:

Brussels Kangaroos @ Hoboken Pionieers (12.30 and 15.30)
Deurne Spartans @ Mortsel Stars (12.30 and 15.30)
Brasschaat Braves @ Antwerp Eagles (12.30 and 15.30)
MSG Phoenix @ Borgerhout Squirrels (12.30 and 15.30)
Gent Knights @ Merchtem Cats (12.30 and 15.30)

The Namur Angels of the Division 1 A, will have a weekend of due to the odd number of teams after Royal Grays decided to pull back from the 2021 season. After two rounds of doubleheaders, the participants will be split into two groups: the Gold League with the top three teams of each division that will play for the championship and the Silver League with the bottom three teams that will play to avoid relegation.

I don’t really dare to make prediction about the contenders but since Hoboken Pioneers and Borgerhout Squirrels kept their teams largely in tact, they may be the favorites to reach the Belgian Series this year. If Deurne Sparans can use its usual imports from South America, the will be a force to be reckoned with as well. According to insiders, the Brussels Kangaroos may be a dangerous outsider as well.

Yours truly will call a youth game (minimes, 10-12 year olds) in Brasschaat on Saturday. Furthermore, he will attend a game at Borgerhout Squirrels or Antwerp Eagles, depending on the private situation of a friend.

Yours truly is pretty excited. Finally Belgium will hear “PLAY BALL” again.

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