Some Surprising and Some Good German Baseball News

With today being a holiday in several parts of Germany, some games of the upcoming weekend were played already. In Solingen the Alligators hosted the Bonn Capitals and in Haar, the München-Haar Disciples hosted the Heidenheim Heideköpfe. But besides that, there is some real good news to tell.


The Bonn Capitals were way to strong for the Alligators as they are light years ahead when it comes to training sessions and practice games. They beat the Alligators 15-2 in game one and 6-2 in game two.

The surprise came from Munich. The München-Haar Disciples took on the reigning champion Heidenheim Heideköpfe. In the first inning, the Disciples took a 1-0 lead thanks to an unearned run that was scored on a wide throw at home plate that should have been an out. The Disciples clung on to the lead thanks to some great pitching of Lukas Steinlein. He allowed some runners at base but managed to stay out of trouble every time until the eighth.

In the eighth inning, with a runner on third, Gary Owens hit the ball to deep center field that got over the head of center fielder David Dinski. As center field in Haar is pretty deep, about 416 feet (125 meters), the umpires didn’t even bother to run towards the outfield to have a better look on the play. The ball bounced over the outfield fence for a ground rule double, but since the umpires didn’t act the way they should, they screwed up the Disciples as it was ruled a home run. So with one blow the Heideköpfe were granted the lead.

But eventually, justice was served. With Mike Bolsenbroek in relief, the Disciples fought their way back. After the Disciples had tied the game at two, Daniel Patrice singled to left field to drive in William Thorpe for the winning run and the Heideköpfe second loss of the season. It must be said that Heidenheim could not field its best lineup as some of their players had to work. But nevertheless, a win is a win.

Then the other good news about German baseball. This weekend, ALL North Division teams will play, for the first time this season. As a coincidence, al teams that were not granted permission to play yet, are on the road this weekend. The Cologne Cardinals will head to Hamburg to face the Stealers, and the Berlin Flamingos will play in Dortmund and take on the Wanderers. The Dohren Wild Farmers will take on the Capitals in Bonn, which will be an unequal match since the Capitals are light years ahead in (practice) games played and training sessions. But nevertheless, there will be a complete schedule, so baseball is really back in Germany now.

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