Also L&D Amsterdam Pirates Turns To Crowdfunding

After, Quick Amersfoort, Silicon Storks, Oosterhout Twins, DSS/Kinheim and HCAW, L&D Amsterdam Pirates is the sixth Dutch hoofdklasse teams that is collecting money through crowdfunding in an attempt to be able to pay for the costs of corona tests.

Dutch hoofdklasse clubs are allowed to train in groups if the players are tested for corona twice a week. This will cost each club about 200 Euros per week. For several Dutch hoofdklasse clubs this is quite a financial burden.

Amsterdam Pirates - Wikipedia

Now L&D Amsterdam Pirates also decided to organize a crowdfunding. In two days the club managed to collect 2,600 Euros, according to the club about 57% of the target.

As the club has a team in the highest leagues of baseball and softball, the club must pay double the amount of 200 Euros per week. So organizing a crowdfunding is quite understandable.

According to the club’s website, “participating in the top competitions cannot be taken for granted in 2021. To be able to participate, the top teams need to follow the top sports protocol. This means that, as mentioned before, each team needs to test its players for corona twice a week at least. It is the only way to participate in the top leagues in a responsible way. “

If you want to support L&D Amsterdam Pirates, please go to their crowd funding page:

Just like with all the other clubs so far, your help is appreciated.

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