Swiss National Liga A Baseball started today

After the Czech Republic, the Swiss are the second European country to start their baseball competition. Today, a limited number of games were programmed in the National Liga A, the highest level of baseball in Switzerland, but next week there will be a full schedule ahead.

Swiss Baseball & Softball Federation SBSFToday, two doubleheaders were scheduled: The Therwil Flyers hosted the Zürich Barracudas and the Zürich Challengers hosted the Bern Cardinals.

Reigning champions Therwil Flyers, the oldest baseball club in Switzerland, celebrated its 40th anniversary this weekend. The Flyers could have marked the event with a double win but the first game was lost 6-4 as they were limited to three hits. In the second game, the Flyers avoided a sweep as they bested the Barracudas 11-2. Three solo home runs helped the Flyers to stay at the right side of the score.

In the other doubleheader was split as well. The Zürich Challengers took game one in a blowout fashion as it beat the Bern Cardinals 13-7. Despite collecting 12 hits vs 10, the Cardinals stayed at the wrong side of the score.
Game two was the other way around as the Bern Cardinals beat their opponent 10-4. After the Challengers took a 4-0 lead in the second inning, the Cardinals bounced back as the scored a run in the fourth and three in the fifth to tie the game. But a six-run ninth inning for the Cardinals made the difference. Unfortunately, this game was a festival of errors as both teams combined for ten miscues.

Next week the following doubleheaders are scheduled.

Luzern Eagles @ Zürich Barracudas
Wil Pirates @ Bern Cardinals
Therwil Flyers @ Zürich Challengers

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