Regensburg Legionäre present secondary/mascot logo

German 1. Baseball Bundesliga club Regensburg Legionäre presented its secondary/mascot logo today. Next to the primary logo that came from the cooperation with new sponsor Guggenberg, the team now has another logo.


A while after the Legionäre announced the new sponsor, the new primary logo was presented. The logo is modern, sports the name of the sponsor in it and shows several Regensburg landmarks.

Today, the club presented its secondary logo through its social media channels Instagram and Facebook. The logo will be used for different merchandise.

May be an image of text that says 'G Guggenberger ကွ LEGIONAERE.DE'

Since the club is named after Roman Legionnaires, the new secondary logo makes a lot of sense. The logo shows a roman centurion swinging a bat.

The name Legionäre refers to the history of the city of Regensburg. It traces back to a roman fortress that was built in 79 A.D. Eventually, the fortress was left in the fifth century. Afterwards it was used as a fortified settlement.

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