Transactions in Belgian Baseball: Gent Knights

Just like earlier this year, the Dutch Baseball Hangout would like to pay attention to the transactions in the Belgian Baseball Gold (BBG) League, next year called the Top League. The transaction period in Belgium ended at December 1, so time to start with the sixth blog post. This one is about the Gent Knights.

VBSL - Vlaamse Baseball en Softball Liga

The Gent Knights, is one of the Eerste Klasse clubs that will play in the newly formed Top League (a merger between the Baseball Gold League and the Eerste Klasse).

The club ended last but one with a 6-8 record, only in front of the Namur Angels in the 2020 Eerste Klasse. But it must be said once again, Last season was a strange one. Since no-one could be demoted, likely the intensity was not there. Nevertheless, there have not been any transactions when it comes to players, according to Kevin Devos of Gent Knights.

But the club did acquire a new coach in the person of Pieter Stragier. Pieter is coming from derde klasse (fourth-tier league) team Oudenaarde Frogs. The Oudenaarde Frogs finished last in the derde klasse last year so perhaps one can raise the question if the move of acquiring a coach of a derde klasse team that finished last is a good one… Kevin Devos made it very clear that Pieter Stragier has played at a high level with the Antwerp Eagles (also playing in the Top League in 2021). Since Pieter is living the Province of West-Flanders, there are not many opportunities to play or coach at higher levels in that area. That is why Pieter joined the Knights. According to Kevin, Pieter is a coach who is always dealing with the sport in a very intense way, both tactical as technical. The Knights are sure that he will be a welcome addition to the coaching staff.

Next to Pieter Stragier, the team will be under the helm of Frank Hesters.

It is not clear yet if the Knights will acquire import players. It all depends on the situation of COVID-19. If the situation of the virus will remain the same, there is hardly a chance that foreign players will be acquired. But nothing is engraved in stone yet.

I would like to thank Kevin Devos for answering my questions and to shed a light on the coaching situation. Your help is highly appreciated.

This was the sixth blog post about transactions in Belgian baseball. Six more to go.

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