Nettuno BC 1945 earns promotion to Serie A1

Italy’s oldest baseball club, Nettuno BC 1945, has earned a promotion to the Serie A1.
As several teams dropped out of the Serie A1 before the start of the season, some rumors swirled around that Nettuno BC 1945 would join the Serie A1 but the team just started at the second-tier league Serie A2. Mostly because its roster was not built for he Serie A1.

File:Logo Nettuno BC 1945.png - Wikimedia Commons

After a fourteen-game competition of the Serie A2, group D, Nettuno ended on top of the standings with a two-game lead over Paterno Red Sox. That first place earned them the right to take on Comcor Engineering Modena, winner of group B.

In that Series, Nettuno was vastly dominating. It won game one 19-3, game two 7-4 and game three 13-3.

Dutchie Oliver van der Wijst-Severino contributed nicely with a batting average of .500, six hits, three RBI and two runs scored.

Even though Nettuno Baseball Club 1945 has earned the promotion to the Serie A1, it remains to be seen if the club will play in the Serie A1 next year. That depends on the financial situation. To play in the Serie A1 you need to meet certain financial standards as a club.

But assuming that the financial situation of the club is okay, Nettuno Baseball Club 1945 will return to the highest level of Italian baseball after two years of absence.

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Nettuno Baseball Club 1945 earns promotion to Serie A1

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