Another team withdraws from 2020 Italian Serie A1 season

According to an article on the website of the FIBS, another club has withdrawn from the 2020 Serie A1. After Rangers Redipuglia announced to step back last week, Grizzlies Torino is the next team to renounce.

No photo description available.In an article called “Grey Smoke for A1 Baseball 2020,” it was made clear that during another video conference, the president of Grizzlies Torino, Orlando Vegni, announced that the team had to withdraw.

The reason for this withdrawal was that, despite a lot of efforts, the team could not get a complete roster in time because several players were not available anymore.

If two teams decided to withdraw is not enough, there may be two more to step back as the article stated that two clubs have asked for a few more days for time for reflection. The two teams are in financial difficulties and are still negotiating with sponsors. By the next video conference that is scheduled for June 25. It is rumored that Nettuno Baseball City may be one of the clubs.

In two days, more will be known about the number of participants in this year’s Serie A1.

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