Italian baseball carefully thinks of starting the season again

In a video conference, yesterday, the Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS) discussed a possible start with the Italian clubs. For now, the start of the season is scheduled for June 14 but that can be pushed back to July 12.

With these dates in mind, the playoff format the FIBS has been puzzling on can still continue but there may be some changes in dates somewhere around September or October.

Currently, it is not clear if those games can be attended by the fans. Also, the behavior of the players, managers and other people that are necessary to make a game in the SerieA1 and A2 possible, depends on what the Italian government is telling them.

The FIBS chose a special game with a lot of symbolism to start the season with: Codogno vs. Piacenza (Serie B, so after the Serie A1 and A2, the third-tier league in Italy). Both cities are located in the Lombardy region and this game would stand for the fight against the coronavirus and eventually the victory over that disease.

Recently, the stats show slightly positive results in the battle against the coronavirus throughout Europe but there is still a chance that loosening the restrictions may cause another wave. So prudence is still required.


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