Kinheim and DSS on merger course

According to the website of Baseball and Softball Club Kinheim from Haarlem, an important step towards a merger with DSS has been made. Both DSS’ and Kinheim’s members decided to work on a merger proposal in the coming months.

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With the meeting at DSS, there was a unanimous vote, at Kinheim, a vast majority of members voted for the possible merger.

In the past few months, a committee with members of both clubs has paved the way towards a possible merger. The first step was a combined team that will play in the Dutch hoofdklasse under the DSS/Kinheim moniker.

The committee worked to a full-fledged but not an unconditional merger. To make this possible merger successful, the following conditions need to be met:

– Fusion proposal must be hammered out before February 29
– Attention for the clubs, age, top sport, recreational sport, base- and softball
– The history of both clubs must be secured
– Attention for a powerful brand name and identity
– Attention to joint activities

Since both clubs had a hard time to stay afloat, it is good that at least one club will remain. The question is if a merger will really pan out. In 1998 Rotterdam based baseball clubs Sparta and Feyenoord were forced to a merger. It never worked the way it was hoped for. The identity of both clubs was simply too different for the merger to work properly. Eventually, in 2012, financial problems forced the merger club to disband.

HS (honk- en Softbalvereniging) Kinheim was founded in 1935. During several periods the club played at the highest level in the Netherlands in the following years: 1949, 1954-1957 five seasons in the Eerste klasse (now hoofdklasse); 1966, 1968-1969, 1972, 1976-1980, 1985-1986 and from 1989-2016 in the Dutch hoofdklasse. After the 2016 Holland Series, in which it lost to Neptunus, all players of the flagship team walked away and the club was obliged to step down to the overgangsklasse (second-tier league).

RKHSV (Roman Catholic Baseball and Softball Club) DSS was founded in 1950, so the history of that club doesn’t go back that far. Even though it was a club of its own, DSS baseball and softball was born out of the soccer club RKVV (Roman Catholic Soccer Club) DSS. Both clubs for Sportvereniging DSS (Sportclub DSS). Since 2016 DSS is playing in the Dutch hoofdklasse. The club earned a promotion at the end of the 2015 season as it beat Mampaey The Hawks from Dordrecht in a promotion-relegation series.

More news about the possible merger at the end of February/ beginning of March

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