Limited Number of Fans allowed to NPB Games again

The Nippon Baseball League started its season last weekend. Like the two other main Asian competitions, the league started its games without fans in the stands. But there is hope for the Japanese baseball aficionados.

File:NPB logo.svg - Wikimedia CommonsWhile the Korean KBO is still playing in empty stadiums, the Taiwanese CPBL is allowing fans again with no limits to the numbers. Nevertheless, the stadiums are not sold out yet but the fact that fans are allowed to the ballparks again is a good development.

The NPB and the J-League, Japan’s main soccer league, held the 10th meeting of their joint task force on Monday, during which they were briefed by the medical experts.

“As a fan, I’m happy that pro baseball has started,” Mitsuo Kaku, who heads the medical panel, said during an online news conference following the task force meeting. “I don’t think the fans have ever anticipated the opening of a season as much as they have this year,” the Japan Times stated.

According to the newspaper, the both leagues will be allowed 5,000 fans in their ballpark per game, starting July 10. The medical panel emphasized that returning to play was just the beginning.  The NPB would has to keep testing up to prevent further infections.

Mitsuo Kaku also stated that for the time being, NPB fans cannot cheer on their teams the way they used to do (singing and cheering). He urged the fans to look for other methods to cheer on their teams.

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