Albert Pujols visits Belarus

Los Angeles Angel and MLB star Albert Pujols is on a trip to Belarus. The 39-year old is on a mission in Belarus to promote the game of baseball and give some clinics to local players. 

Pujols arrived on Tuesday, October 2nd and will stay during the Belarus championship series between Minsk and Logishin Wolfs. The championship series in scheduled as follows: October the 3rd, Thursday at 16-00, October the 4th Friday at 16-00, October the 5th Saturday at 12-00.

Image may contain: 11 people, people playing sports, people standing, baseball and outdoor

Besides the baseball activities, Albert Pujols also answered questions at a press conference.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Alex Sechko, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, including Alex Sechko, people playing sports, baseball and outdoor

Photos by Zorkina Volha.

Albert Pujols’ wife, Deirdre laid the foundation for the trip as she has visited Belarus earlier this year as part of her @deirdrepujolsadventures trips as she travels the world for humanitarian efforts. During spring, she visited Belarus and was approached by a Belarus baseball team that invited her and her husband to come to Belarus to give some clinics and attend the Belarus championships series.

Albert Pujols threw out the first pitch today.

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