Baseball 4 Equador needs your help

Baseball 4 Equador is a charity initiated by Dutch Ed Slingerland. Baseball 4 Equador is part of the charity organization of Young Life, a company that is dealing in 100% essential natural oils and of which the owner started his charity fo build a school for children of people in Equador that worked for his company.

The actual school was old, walls were covered with black mold and there were cracks in the floor. The new school no longer only house the children of the workers but also other children. It gives them the opportunity to get a diploma and to follow another study outside that school.

As part of the program, the children also need physical exercise. Since Ed Slingerland is a pureblooded baseball man, it didn’t come as a surprise that he was asked to start a baseball program for the school as he was in Equador last year. For starters, a competition with kids from the school will be set up but who knows it will be possible to start a regional or even nationwide competition. In Duran, Guayaquil, another baseball program has been started by Dodger play-by-play announcer and Ford Frick award winner Jaime Jarrin. Jarrin is from Equador so it is not strange he started this program. So perhaps both initiators can cooperate in the future.

Ed Slingerland started with collecting mostly used baseball materials. Since Dutch children need a new glove and batting helmet every few years, it should not be hard to collect used materials. Even one of the two biggest baseball stores in the Netherlands, Forelle BV, has donated six big bags with baseball equipment. But still, a lot of equipment is needed. So if you have some spare cleats, batting helmets, gloves or bats, please think of Baseball 4 Equador.

Slingerland has collected quite some baseball equipment already, also with the help of baseball and softball club RCH Pinguïns and baseball academy Kennemerland Rabbits. With those two clubs, Slingerland has an agreement that people can drop off their gloves, shoes, helmets with them. But more help is desperately needed. Those two clubs are in the Haarlem area. But it would be nice as clubs in other regions/provinces in the Netherlands would lend a hand as well. It is only a matter of adopting the baseball equipment dropped off by people and store it somewhere until Ed is picking it up. This doesn’t mean new or extra responsibilities. Just a bit of storage room.

But with the stock of used baseball equipment growing, a new challenge arises. Getting the equipment to Equador. That costs a lot of money. And because of that, the second step of the charity Baseball 4 Equador is raising money to ship the equipment to South America. With the equipment, Ed wants to try to take a couple of baseball players with him to teach the game to the local sports teachers and to organize pieces of training. But this cost money as well and therefore Ed also started the fundraiser.

If you want to donate to this fine initiative, please go to this website.

This beautiful initiative helps children in Equador to get physical exercise but it also helps to spread our beautiful game. Baseball is played in Equador but it is a very small sport. It is mainly played by rich children. This initiative also gives children of the less fortunate a chance to learn the greatest game on earth.

If some clubs want to help to collect the equipment, please contact Ed Slingerland through Facebook PM. Your help is really appreciated.



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