Amarillo negotiating with MiLB club

According to Amarillo Global News, the city of Amarillo is negotiating with an affiliated minor league club to play in the Texan city. Which club and how far the negotiations are is not known yet.

Asked about an item on Tuesday’s city council agenda regarding the “Negotiation of Lease and Management Agreement with Affiliated Baseball Team – MPEV (Multi Purpose Event Venue)” planned for a closed, executive session, Councilman Randy Burkett said yesterday in a text communique that he hoped a deal might be finalized by Feb. 1. A similar item was on the agenda for Wednesday’s Local Government Corporation meeting.

It is clear that the city of Amarillo is working on a lease with an affiliated minor league club. Jerry Hodge, director of the LGC subcommittee charged with bringing an affiliated baseball team to the city, Amarillo is negotiating with two teams. According to Hodge, it won’t be a done deal on February 1st.

So far it is clear that a new facility in Amarillo will cost a sloppy $48.4 million and the structure will be about 182,000 square feet.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor texas leagueUntil now, the San Antonio Missions (AA Texas League) were linked to Amarillo but it all depended on the Colorado Springs SkySox (AAA Pacific Coast League) coming to the Alamo city.
Both teams are owned by Elmore Sports group. As long there is no deal with the city of San Antonio, the SkySox will not move, so it will be very likely that the Missions stay put as well.

It is not clear which two teams are in the picture but perhaps Amarillo is talking with the Elmore Sports Group about a possible move of the SkySox. It is not a secret that the ESG
want out of Colorado Springs. What is the other team? Perhaps it will be the San Antonio Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Pacific Coast leagueMissions. They are playing in the oldest ballpark of the Texas League. Even though the Las Vegas 51s have renewed the talks about a Summerlin ballpark, don’t be surprised if they are the team Amarillo is talking with. It is no secret that the 51s want to get out of Cashman Field.

This is all speculation of course, but when you look to the age of the ballparks in the Texas League and the Pacific Coast League, most stadiums are less than 20 years old and it seems very unlikely that the teams that play in those stadiums will move.

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