Euro League Baseball officially ceased to exist

After one year the Euro League Baseball did not return. It did not signal its end right away, but it was an omen what was about to come. Eventually, what many expected to happen after a year of silence, happened. The league ceased to exist.  After its inaugural year, the Euro League Baseball did not return. …

Dutch Baseball Federation seems to learn from ELB

After blocking the participation of Dutch clubs and players in the Euro League Baseball, the Dutch Baseball Federation (KNBSB) now appears to have learned from the ideas of the alternate European baseball league. In the past two years, the KNBSB and the CEB (European Baseball Confederation) have made the life of the Euro League Baseball …

Future of ELB may not be as gloomy as it looks like, part 2

About two months ago you could read here that the future of the Euro League Baseball does not look as bad as you might think. Today the league confirmed this in a press release. In the press release, ELB president Wim van den Hurk stated that the league will continue in 2017. Finally the Dutch …

CEB and KNBSB should review their regulations

Yes you are reading it well. The European Confederation of Baseball (CEB) and the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation (KNBSB) should review their regulations.  Why? Well, let me explain. The International Skating Union (ISU) tried to prohibit speed skaters to participate in a lucrative speed skating event in Dubai (yes it sounds strange: Speed …

Future of ELB may not be as gloomy as it looks like

When Jan Esselman and the CEB threatened to ban L&D Amsterdam Pirates from the European Champions Cup, Amsterdam Baseball withdrew from the Euro League Baseball. L&D Amsterdam Pirates was the main supplier of players to Amsterdam Baseball. Since Esselman allegedly adapted some CEB rules single-handed, L&D Amsterdam Pirates did not have a choice but to …

ELB pulls Amsterdam Baseball from schedule

In fact it was a formality after the Dutch baseball federation announced that the ban on participating in the Euro League Baseball would be uphold, but today the president of the European Association of Professional Baseball (EAPB), Wim van den Hurk, announced that Amsterdam Baseball was pulled from the ELB schedule. Van den Hurk stated that …

CEB, Baseball popular in Europe?

Recently I bumped into this stat, showing the decline of baseball players in Europe. When you read this from right to left, you will see an incline of members first but from 2014 the numbers go down with a sharp drop in 2015. Baseball Popular in Europe? When you know that Jan Esselman is the …

KNBSB changes stance regarding ELB

When the European Association of Professional Baseball (EAPB) announced the newly erected Euro League Baseball, the CEB announced that it would not recognize the new competiton. In the slipstream of the CEB, the Dutch Federation, the KNBSB, also announced that it would not allow Dutch clubs, playing in the Hoofdklasse, to participate in the ELB …

Disciples get their revenge for dramatic loss of yesterday

Munchen-Haar Disciples  9  –  2  Draci Brno After their dramatic loss vs Draci Brno, the Munich-Haar Disciples needed a win. With their best pitcher back in Munich-Haar, due to professional obligations, the other pitchers of the Disciples did a fine job today. In the first inning both teams scored once but from there, Gregory Hendrix, …

ELB games Amsterdam Baseball postponed

A sudden move by the CEB forced the managment of the Euro League Baseball to postpone the upcoming games between Amsterdam Baseball and Draci Brno.  It looks like the CEB does everything that is in her power to prevent the ELB from succeeding.  The Euro League Baseball League games between Amsterdam Baseball and Draci Brno …

Draci Brno wins in dramatic fashion

Munich-Haar Disciples  4  -  5  Draci Brno While the Munich-Haar Disciples aren’t doing very well in the German competition and lost both ELB games vs Regensburg (after Regensburg lost one game vs Draci Brno), one would expect that Draci Brno would be no match for the Munich-Haar Disciples. But in this game, nothing looked like that. …

Fact checking appears to be hard for certain persons within KNBSB

Recently a board member of the KNBSB, involved with umpires and officials, has sent a letter to the officials/umpires in the Netherlands in which he told that it is forbidden to participate in Euro League Baseball games as an umpire by means of the threat of severe consequences, both nationally as internationally. The latter because the ELB is …

Slugfest in Regensburg as Legionäre beat Disciples

Tonight the first matchup between the two German participants in the Euro League Baseball was played. In Regensburg, the Legionäre hosted the Munich-Haar Disciples in almost arctic temperatures. In the game the hitters on both sides were very agressive, resulting in more than thirty hits in total. The score went back and forth and because …

Draci Brno wins inaugural ELB game

  Regensburg Legionäre  1  -  4  Draci Brno    Tonight, the Buchbinder Legionäre took on Draci Brno in the Czech city for the very first game of the Euro League Baseball. The president of the European Association of Professional Baseball, Wim van den Hurk threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Lukas Jahn hit the very first hit …

Inaugural ELB season to start coming week

The inaugural season of the Euro League Baseball will start coming Tuesday when the Buchbinder Legionäre from Regensburg will visit Draci Brno for a two game series. In May 2015 the announcement of the ELB shook up the European baseball community. The inaugural season will start on April 19. To make this European professional league …

Euro League Baseball: Pirates will be the backbone of team Amsterdam

The Euro League Baseball released that team Amsterdam that will be run by the league itself, will contain players from L&D Amsterdam Pirates for a major part. Today the roster of the team was revealed by the ELB. Around twenty Hoofdklasse players have volunteered to play in this team. The rest of the team be …

Euro League Baseball will start but without Italian and Dutch teams

In January you could read here already that the number of participants of the Euro League Baseball was down to four. Back then it was still questionable if L&D Amsterdam Pirates would participate. But today it was announced that the club from Amsterdam will not participate, still because of a ban applied by the KNBSB …

ELB to start with four teams in 2016

The other day I read a short note at the Twitter account of EBM+, the European Baseball Magazine. This made me curious about the reason why. The general manager of the Bonn Capitals confirmed to me that they have withdrawn for the 2016 season. The reason for this withdrawal is the financial risk that …

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