2021 Belgian Baseball Gold Division: Round 3

Most games in the Baseball Gold Division (playoffs) were played on Saturday. On Sunday, only one game remained, the one between the Deurne Spartans and the neighboring Borgerhout Squirrels.

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Deurne Spartans  0  –  5  Borgerhout Squirrels
DEU flagSince the Deurne Spartans are the only team without a win in the Baseball Gold Division, it was about time the club won one today. But unfortunately for the Spartans, the Borgerhout Squirrels proved to be the stronger team again. 
In the first three innings, both pitching staffs kept the opponents from scoring but in the fourth inning, the Squirrels took the lead with one big blow. After Cedric Vandesompele was hit by a pitch, Aaron Solis connected for a two-run home run to left field. 
Two innings later, Aaron Solis contributed again as he singled to center field to drive in Sander De Saedeleer and Cedric Vandesompele. Perhaps it starts to get boring, but also in the eighth inning, Aaron Solis drove in a run when he singled to center field. 
So what could the Deurne Spartans do? Well, the team collected only one hit less than the Squirrels did but those hits didn’t come at the right time. 
Ryan Johnson earned the win for Borgerhout. He dominated the Spartans in eight innings as he allowed only four hits and fanned fifteen (!). Jose Luis Larrinaga Ocampo took the loss. He pitched a complete game in which he gave up five runs on six hits and four walks and struck out three. BOR flag
Likely it won’t come as a surprise that Aaron Solis was the best hitter for Borgerhout Squirrels. He went 3 for 4 with a home run, four RBI, and a run scored. 

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