Manager British Women’s Baseball Team Resigns After Scandal

Some disappointing news from the UK as the manager of the British Women’s National Baseball Team has resigned. Reason is a move of utter stupidity by the British Baseball Federation.

About a week ago, some “bright” mind within the BBF thought it was a good idea to promote women’s baseball with this photograph:


Understandably there was an outburst of criticism. Personally, I have never seen a woman playing baseball naked. Must be very painful when they are sliding towards a base… The BBF came with a poor statement in which it said “sorry for pain and distress caused by the image” but it lacked any accountability for the issue. For Amanda Hocking, the manager of the Women’s National team, this was the reason to step down. Here is the statement she made regarding the resignation:

After her resignation, Great Britain Baseball came with this statement:


For sure the statement hits the nail on the head. But it is not Great Britain Baseball that should have come with a statement like this. The BBF should have taken a stand on the issue before Amanda’s resignation. Perhaps she had not made the decision to step down then. But we’ll never know that. The damage of the photo had been done already. One can wonder who is responsible for the promotional activities. One can wonder if there is any check before promotions like this are launched.

A big thank you goes out to @batflips_nerds for explaining the situation.

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