Blue Sox owner calls it quits

Today the news came out that the owner of the Sydney Blue Sox of the Australian Baseball League, has decided not to extend his license for the ABL.

Last week, it was announced that the Canberra Cavalry was saved as two new owners had jumped in after the previous owners left with a debt of 400,000 AUD. So the news about the owner of the Blue Sox, Adam Dobb, is rather disappointing.

Sydney Blue Sox | Play Baseball

According to Dobb, he has  been weighing up whether continuing for the forthcoming season was a viable option from a business perspective. “There are a number of unresolved issues and how those matters were to be resolved was fundamental to whether the Blue Sox was a workable commercial prospect for me. I would have liked more time to make that determination but the ABL was seeking a firm commitment from all teams now and l am just not in a position to do that at the moment.”

According to the fans, Dobb did a great job for the team but also for the fan experience. Dobb bought the Blue Sox for one dollar in a time when MLB decided to stop the support of the ABL. The situation was rather dubious but Dobbs decided to jump in and made the Blue Sox a well running organization even though they never could compete.

Now the ABL will look for a new license holder to move on with the Blue Sox.

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