Rimini Ballpark Redeveloped

The ballpark of Junior Baseball Rimini, that was recently “promoted” to the Serie A, will be redeveloped. The refurbishment will cost around 200,000 Euros and it will affect the interior and the exterior.

A rendering of the new look of the exterior of the ballpark. Emphasized are the club colors orange and black.

The main adaptions will be done to the premises under the central grandstand starting with the main locker rooms (‘home’ and ‘guests’), which will live up to the current standards established by CONI and in terms of energy efficiency (new coatings, floors, doors, sanitary systems). The project also includes a redevelopment of the energy systems of the offices. One room will be used as the Hall of Fame of Rimini Baseball.

Serie B Roster - Junior Rimini Baseball

The Stadio dei Pirati will undergo a name change as it will be named after Rino Zangheri, the patron of the orange-black club for 45 years.

But not only the structure will get an upgrade. Also the fences that surrounds the playing surface will be renewed.

“We invest in one of the main sports facilities in the city, which today welcomes the boys of Junior Baseball Rimini, a team promoted to Serie A2 after only three years and born as the youth sector of Rimini Baseball,” comments the councilor for Sport Gian Luca Brasini.

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