Tuatara present 2020/2021 jersey that won’t be worn

The other day you could read here that the Auckland Tuatara will sit out the 2020/2021 ABL season due to the coronavirus and the cost that will come with it. Nevertheless the club released new merchandise and the 2020/2021 home jersey.

It may be sound strange that a club is presenting a jersey meant for a season they will not play but the club is trying to stay afloat. And selling merch helps with that.

So the club is throwing in the home jersey as part of the merchandise. And what a beauty it is. 

Of course the main colour is white but the shoulders and the sleeves are navy with a thin white and a somewhat thicker teal piping. The name Tuatara in the traditional script shows grey-ish spots like the scale of the Tuatara skin. 

What is absolutely stunning about the jersey is the Maori-like design that adorns the jersey on the front and on the back. With this the club honors the native New Zealand heritage, something the Kiwis are very good at. 

The jersey carries some advertisement, but that is not disturbing as those ads are rather small. Of course the ABL logo is at the back of the jersey. 


To support the Auckland Tuatara getting through the 2020/2021 season, the club will not participate in, you can buy the jersey through the following link.


They ship Worldwide. The jersey isn’t really expensive: 69.50 New Zealand Dollars, which equals 40.31 Euros.

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