Watch Game One of the Taiwan Series here

With most of baseball over in the Western hemisphere, there is still baseball going on in Asia. Today the Taiwan Series takes off. The CTBC Brother Elephants face the Uni Lions.

Here is the link to the Twitter account of the CTBC Brother Elephants that streams the game.

Enjoy the game. 

2 Replies to “Watch Game One of the Taiwan Series here”

  1. I have turned my back on MLB since both the owners and players had a fight about money before the start of the season. Add the contraction of 42 MiLB clubs and the lack of punishment the Cheatros’ players got and you have a disgruntled fan, who doesn’t care about MLB anymore.
    And to be honest, I don’t miss it a bit.


  2. Thanks for the link, Chris. Missed Game One but Game Two starts in a little over two hours. Looks like Game One was awesome between two franchises in the CPBL since Year One with 16 pennants between them.

    I’ll probably root for the Brothers because I wrote about Mitch Lively and Jose De Paula when they were pitching in Mexico (especially Lively), liked Ariel Miranda when he pitched for Seattle and watched batting coach Jim Presley MANY times as a player for the Mariners.

    Haven’t watched an inning of MLB since Game 7 of the 2016 Series but I’ll watch the Taiwan Series. Now that I’ve moved to the Philippines, the CPBL is the closest pro baseball league and I love that they started their season on time and were the first league to let fans in the stands.


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