Combined no-hitter in Czech Extraliga

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-22 om 18.34.33Today, history was written in the Czech Extraliga. Four pitchers threw a combined no-hitter, the second combined no-hitter in the history of the Extraliga and the ninth overall.

Honza Novak started on the mound for Kotlarka Praha in the local Prague derby against Tempo Praha. Novak lasted seven innings, struck out twelve and walked two. In the eighth inning,

Josef Cihlář took the mound in drizzling rain. He walked two but also struck out two to get out of the inning without any problems. His successor, Lukáš Ercoli, was supposed to close the game but the poor weather conditions made him struggle with his control which resulted in three walks with only one out. At that point, player/ coach Scott Mullhearn took over. Mulhearn retired the next two batters to secure the win.
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According to, who reported about this combined no-hitter, Kotlarka Praha is one of the favorites for the Czech title, mainly because of its strength on the mound.

Last night, reigning Czech champion Arrows Ostrava halted the 21-game winning streak in opening games of Draci Brno to beat the multiple Czech champions 3-0 in a rather lopsided game. Even though it wasn’t a blowout score, Draci never came close to scoring a run.

Results of Friday and Saturday:

Draci Brno  0  –  3  Arrows Ostrava
Technica Brno  12  –  9  Olympia Blansko
SaBaT Praha  3  –  15  Eagles Praha (7 innings)

Tempo Praha  0  –  3  Kotlarka Praha
Cardion Hrosi Brno  9  –  1  Trebic Nuclears
Eagles Praha  5  –  4  SaBaT Praha
Olympia Blansko  4  –  14  Technica Brno (7 innings)


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