Second Super6 tournament scheduled in two years

In 2018 the first Super6 tournament was played in the Netherlands. This tournament served as a substitute for the postponed European Championship, that was pushed back to serve as a qualifier for the EMEA Olympic Qualifier. According to, the Super6 tournament is scheduled for 2022. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor super 6 honkbalThe 2018 Super6 tournament wasn’t quite a success. First of all, the weather did not cooperate in the final two days. As a result the final game of the round robin was rained out and the final could not be played. Therefore, the Kingdom of the Netherlands which was on top of the standings was declared the winner of the tournament. Nice to win a tournament with the six best baseball countries in Europe, but you can imagine, the Dutch would have rather played for the win.

Even the 2018 Super6 was a tournament with nothing at stake for most countries, the Dutch Sports Federation and the Olympic Committee used it as a standard for the Dutch team to keep its A-status, meaning that players of the team kept their allowance for playing with team Kingdom of the Netherlands. So when it comes to that, the tournament was successful.

But… financially, the tournament wasn’t a success at all. Likely the poor weather had its influence on the attendance. As a result, the tournament ended with a big deficit.

But apparently, the WBSC Europe was satisfied with the organization of the tournament at the beautiful facility in Hoofddorp. As a result, the tournament will be played again in two years. Where and when exactly is still up in the air. But with the lousy weather the tournament suffered from in the Netherlands, it is likely that it will be appointed to  country with a more favorable climate: Italy or Spain, perhaps a city in the Southern part of France.

As there will not be a European Championship in 2022 for the seniors (older than 23), the tournament will blend in the European baseball schedule.


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