Dutch Hoofdklasse, Thursday May 7

On day one of round four the following games were scheduled: Mampaey the Hawks  -  L&D Amsterdam Pirates; Vaessen Pioniers  -  Curacao Neptunus; UVV -  Pronto DSS and Corendon Kinheim  -  HCAW. A blow out score, a low scoring game and a little surprise at the start of round four. Mampaey the Hawks  -  L&D …

Dutch Hoofdklasse, Sunday May 3

On this rainy day three of round three, the follwing games were scheduled: Mampaey the Hawks - Curacao Neptunus; Corendon Kinheim -  L&D Amsterdam Pirates; UVV - HCAW; Vaessen Pioniers -  Pronto DSS.   Mampaey the Hawks -  Curacao Neptunus   2 - 5 Neptunus starting pitcher Kenny van den Branden was perfect through the first …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2015: Saturday, May 2

Today the folowing games were scheduled: L&D Amsterdam PIrates -  Corendon Kinheim; Pronto DSS -  Vaessen Pioniers; Curacao Neptunus -  Mampaey the Hakws; HCAW - UVV L&D Amsterdam Pirates - Corendon Kinheim  3 - 1 In a game where both teams got six hits, L&D Amsterdam Pirates was more effective. A three run second inning …

Dutch Hoofdklasse,Thursday April 30: A spoiled no-hit bid and no surprises

On day one of round three, the following games were scheduled: Pronto DSS - Vaessen Pioniers; HCAW - UVV; Curacao Neptunus - Mampaey The Hawks and the top series of this weekend L&D Amsterdam Pirates - Corendon Kinheim. Pronto DSS - Vaessen Pioniers  0 - 5 Pioniers got on the boards in the very first …

Dutch Hoofdklasse, Saturday April 25

On day two of round two, the following games were scheduled:  Corendon Kinheim - Curacao Neptunus; HCAW - L&D Amsterdam Pirates; Mampaey the Hawks - Pronto DSS; UVV- Pioniers HCAW - L&D Amsterdam Pirates 0 -10 Once again HCAW committed a shipload of errors, four to be exact and all four led to runs. Already …

Dutch Hoofdklasse, Thursday April 23

Today the second round started with the following scheduled games: UVV - Vaessen Pioniers; Corendon Kinheim - Curacao Neptunus; Mampaey the Hawks - Pronto DSS; HCAW - L&D Amsterdam Pirates Corendon Kinheim - Curacao Neptunus  3 - 4 On paper the absolute Match of the Day was the one between Corendon Kinheim and Curacao Neptunus. …

Dutch Hoofdklasse, Sunday April 19

The following games were scheduled today: HCAW - Curacao Neptunus; Corendon Kinheim - Pronto DSS; Mampaey the Hawks - Vaessen Pioniers; UVV - L&D Amsterdam Pirates HCAW - Curacao Neptunus 2 - 14 Curacao Neptunus showed that yesterday's loss vs HCAW was a mistake. Today they restored the order by beating HCAW in seven mercy …

Dutch Hoofdklasse, Saturday April 18: Couple of surprises

Today was day two of the first round of the Hoofdklasse season. The following games were scheduled: Curacao Neptunus - HCAW; Pronto DSS -  Corendon Kinheim; L&D Amsterdam Pirates - UVV and Vaessen Pioniers -  Mampaey the Hawks. I attended the latter. L&D Amsterdam Pirates - UVV (remainder of Thursday's game) 0-2 Because a part …

2015 Dutch Hoofdklasse season tees off

Tonight the long awaited start of the Hoofdklasse season in the Netherlands finally was there. Three games were played: Curacao Neptunus -  HCAW; Vaessen Pioniers - Mampaey The Hawks and Corendon Kinheim -  Pronto DSS. In each of the three games, one team was vastly superior over the other.  It may appear weird to Americans, …

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