2023 Confederation Cup: Hoboken Clinches First Victory

On day two of the 2023 Confederation Cup, the Hoboken Pioneers didn't have any problems with their opponent. The Belgian champions needed only seven innings to brush the VIenna Wanderers aside. Hoboken Pioneers  13  -  2  Vienna WanderersIn a very lopsided game, Wanderers starting pitcher Lukas Inmann gave up nine runs, of which six (!) …

2023 Confederations Cup: Hoboken Falls to Valencia in Close Game

In the opening game of the 2023 Confederations Cup in Karlovac, Croatia, Belgian champions Hoboken Pioneers stayed at the wrong side of the score against the Spanish runner up of 2022. In a rather close game, Pioneers lost 5-2 to the Astros Valencia. Hoboken Pioneers took on a Spanish team that mainly contains players from …

Transactions in Belgian Division 1 For The 2023 Season: Hoboken Pioneers

With the end of the transaction period in Belgian baseball (just) behind us, it is time to pay attention to the several clubs in Division 1 and to the players they acquired and those who they lost. Today, we pay attention to the nine-time and current Belgian champions Hoboken Pioneers. After a successful season in which …

2022 National Champions in Europe

It's that time of the year again. Time for an anthology of national champions in European baseball. Austria:A championship series between the Dornbirn Indians and the Vienna Wanderers ended in a victory for the Vienna Wanderers. In a best-of-five series, both teams were each others match, but eventually, the Wanderers scored the winning run in …

Also Kenny Van Den Branden Calls it a Career

Next to Thomas de Wolf, Hoboken Pioneers will lose another player. Starting pitcher Kenny van den Branden played his last game on Saturday October 8. He hung up his cleats as well. In Kenny van den Branden, Hoboken Pioneers and the Belgian national team lose a versatile pitcher that could be used as a starter …

Thomas de Wolf Hangs up His Cleats

With the championship game of the Belgian Series, on Sunday, October 9, the career of slugger Thomas de Wolf came to an end. After twenty-nine years, Thomas decided to call it quits. No better way to finish your career with a championship. In 1993, Thomas got acquainted with baseball thanks to a classmate at kindergarten …

2022 Belgian Series: Game Four

After yesterday's mistake at home, a 6-4 loss against the Deurne Spartans, today the Hoboken Pioneers put things in order by beating up their opponent at their opponent's home field. In fact, after three innings, it wasn't much of a game anymore, and Pioneers proved why it was the strongest team throughout the season. Hoboken …

2022 Belgian Series, Game Three: A Photo Impression

Yesterday, yours truly went to Hoboken (Antwerp) to attend game three of the Belgian Series. Unlike the previous two games, Hoboken Pioneers did not stand much of a chance and fell 6-4 to Deurne Spartans. Here is a photo impression of the game. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cjea8FUK1x9/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link This blog post is brought to you by  

2022 Belgian Series: Game Three

In a game that could be the championship clincher for Hoboken Pioneers, that club was a ghost of its last week's self. It resulted in a 6-4 victory for the Deurne Spartans. Deurne Spartans  6  -  4  Hoboken PioneersIt was one of those games in which Pioneers collected six more hits than Spartans, but still …

2022 Belgian Series, Game One: A Photo Impression

In game one of the Belgian Series, Deurne Spartans was no match for Hoboken Pioneers. The team simply couldn't get a grip on the pitches of BeBee Brayden, even though the latter was not vastly dominant. It resulted in a tedious game for the neutral fan and a 5-0 victory for Hoboken Pioneers. Here is …

2022 Belgian Series Game One

In a matchup between the still reigning champion Hoboken Pioneers and the Deurne Spartans, Hoboken stayed at the right side of the score. For the neutral fan, it was a tedious game, as Hoboken was simply too strong, even though the score may tell a different story. Deurne Spartans  0  -  5  Hoboken PioneersThe score …

2022 Belgian Division 1 Gold: Round 4

Last weekend, in the fourth round of the 2022 Belgian Division 1 Gold, the following series were scheduled: Mortsel Stars @ Brussels Kangaroos, Hoboken Pioneers @ Deurne Spartans, and Brasschaat Braves @ Borgerhout Squirrels. Mortsel Stars @ Brussels Kangaroos (0 - 1 ; 4 - 6)This was the only series played on one day. Game …

2022 Belgian Division 1 Gold: Round 3

In the third round of the Belgian playoffs, the Division 1 Gold, the following series were scheduled: Deurne Spartans @ Borgerhout Squirrels, Mortsel Stars @ Hoboken Pioneers, and Brussels Kangaroos @ Brasschaat Braves. Deurne Spartans  10  -  5  Borgerhout SquirrelsOnly one game today in Borgerhout. The second game of this series will be played tomorrow. …

2022 Belgian Division 1 Gold: Round 1

In the Belgian Division 1 Gold Competition (the top six teams battling for a spot in the Belgian Series), the following double headers/ series were scheduled in the opening round: Hoboken Pioneers @ Brasschaat Braves, Mortsel Stars @ Deurne Spartans, and Brussels Kangaroos @ Borgerhout Squirrels. Hoboken Pioneers @ Brasschaat Braves (5 - 1  ;  …

2022 Belgian Division 1: Round 8

In the eighth round of the 2022 Belgian Division 1, the following doubleheaders were scheduled: Hoboken Pioneers @ Brussels Kangaroos, Merchtem Cats @ Deurne Spartans, Sunville Tigers @ Namur Angels, Ghent Knights @ Mont-Saint-Guibert Phoenix, and Brasschaat Braves @ Borgerhout Squirrels. Hoboken Pioneers  -  Brussels Kangaroos  (9 - 4 ; 3 - 5)Even though the …

2022 Belgian Division 1: Round 7

In the seventh round of the 2022 Belgian Division 1, the following doubleheaders were scheduled: Brussels Kangaroos @ Deurne Spartans, Namur Angels @ Hoboken Pioneers, Sunville Tigers @ Merchtem Cats, Brasschaat Braves @ Gent Knights, and Borgerhout Squirrels @ Mortsel Stars. Brussels Kangaroos  -  Deurne Spartans  (3 - 4 ; 2 - 6)With a rather …

2022 Belgian Division 1: Round 6

For round six of the Belgian Division 1, the following doubleheaders were scheduled: Merchtem Cats @ Brussels Kangaroos, Deurne Spartans @ Namur Angels, Hoboken Pioneers @ Sunville Tigers, Mortsel Stars @ Brasschaat Braves, and Borgerhout Squirrels @ Mont-Saint-Guibert Phoenix. Merchtem Cats  @  Brussels Kangaroos (6 - 4 ; 2 - 10)A surprising result in game …

2022 Belgian Division 1: Round 3

In the third round of the Belgian Division 1, the following doubleheaders were scheduled for the Saturday: Deurne Spartans @ Brussels Kangaroos, Merchtem Cats @ Sunville Tigers, Borgerhout Squirrels @ Brasschaat Braves, Phoenix Mont-Saint-Guibert @ Ghent Knights, and Hoboken Pioneers @ Namur Angels Deurne Spartans @  Brussels Kangaroos (6 -2 ; 2 - 7)A split …

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