Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Sunday, June 12

  On the final day of the first round of the second half of the season, Thursday's and Saturday's road teams were now having the home field advantage. UVV hosted DSS, L&D Amsterdam Pirates took on Vaessen Pioniers, Kinheim faced HCAW and De Glaskoning Twins hosted Curacao Neptunus. DSS  18  -  17  Pickles UVV Quite …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Saturday, June 11

On the second day of the first round of the second half of the season, Vaessen Pioniers hosted L&D Amsterdam Pirates, HCAW took on Kinheim at home, De Glaskoning Twins headed to Rotterdam to face Curacao Neptunus and DSS hosted Pickles UVV. L&D Amsterdam Pirates  2  -  3  Vaessen Pioniers After both teams scored a …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Thursday, June 9

On the first day of the first round of the second half of the 2016 Hoofdklasse season, the following games were scheduled: Kinheim faced HCAW in Bussum, Curacao Neptunus hosted De Glaskoning Twins, DSS took on UVV at home and L&D Amsterdam headed to Hoofddorp to face Vaessen Pioniers. Kinheim    -    HCAW After …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Tuesday, May 31

Tonight the game was played that was supposed to be played last Sunday.  Slowly De Glaskoning Twins must start to hate night games as the team did manage to win only two night games so far this season. Tonight it would end in a loss again. Kinheim  12  -  7  De Glaskoning Twins After Kinheim had a …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Sunday, May 29

With L&D Amsterdam Pirates and Curacao Neptunus on their way to Italy for the upcoming European Champions Cup, only three games were scheduled today. DSS hosted HCAW, Kinheim went to Oosterhout to face De Glaskoning Twins and UVV took on Vaessen Pioniers. Kinheim  -  De Glaskoning Twins  postponed due to rain The day started bright …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Saturday May 28

On the second day of the final round of the first half of the season, De Glaskoning Twins headed to Haarlem to face Kinheim. Kinheim's neighbour, DSS went to Bussum to take on HCAW. Vaessen Pioniers hosted UVV once more and L&D Amsterdam Pirates took on Curacao Neptunus in their third game of the series. …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016, Thursday May 26

On the first day of the final round of the first half (can you still follow? 😉 ), the series that mattered most and yet  not, started. Curacao Neptunus hosted L&D Amsterdam Pirates in what would be a very close game and in which the the sting was in the tail. HCAW took on DSS, …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Sunday May 22

On a rainy day, Vaessen Pioniers hosted DSS, Kinheim faced L&D Amsterdam in Haarlem, De Glaskoning Twins was on the road vs HCAW and Neptunus hosted UVV. One blow out score (more or less) and two games with a close score.  DSS  4  -  7  Vaessen Pioniers A four run first and a one run …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Saturday May 21

On day two of round six, there was one BLOWOUT score as Curacao Neptunus showed no mercy when they faced Pickles UVV in Utrecht. DSS hosted Vaessen Pioniers, De Glaskoning Twins played a nail biter in Oosterhout vs HCAW and L&D Amsterdam Pirates hosted Kinheim. Curcao Neptunus  22  -  0  Pickles UVV Yup, Neptunus knows …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Thursday May 19

On the first day of the sixth round, DSS hosted Vaessen Pioniers, De Glaskoning Twins was the "home" team vs HCAW, L&D Amsterdam Pirates took on Kinheim in Amsterdam and UVV took on Curacao Neptunus in Utrecht. It was a night with a lot of blow out scores. Curacao Neptunus  11  -  1  UVV The …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Sunday May 15

Another cold day with another blowout score for Curacao Neptunus vs DSS, but also two surprising results in Bussum (where HCAW hosted Vaessen Pioniers) and Utrecht (where Pickles UVV hosted Kinheim). L&D Amsterdam Pirates hosted De Glaskoning Twins.  Curacao Neptunus  14  -  1  DSS In a game that wasn't much of a game, Neptunus clinched …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Saturday May 14

With the weather completely different than last Thursday, when it was weather for summer night baseball, the following games were played today: De Glaskoning Twins hosted L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Pickles UVV faced Kinheim in Haarlem, Vaessen Pioniers took on HCAW and Curacao Neptunus hosted DSS from Haarlem.  De Glaskoning Twins  0  -  5   L&D …

Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Thursday May 12

Today the following matchups were scheduled: Kinheim hosted UVV in Haarlem, Pioniers were the home team vs HCAW, Curacao Neptunus hosted DSS from Haarlem and De Glaskoning Twins were the "home" team in Dordrecht as they hosted L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Overall the results were as expected but one game ended with a major surprise. Two …

Dutch Hoofdklasse: Sunday May 8

On a hot day, the road teams of the previous two days went home to host the opponents. De Glaskoning Twins hosted Pickles UVV,  Curacao Neptunus hosted Vaessen Pioniers, HCAW moved to Amsterdam to face L&D Amsterdam Pirates and this time DSS crossed the street to take on Kinheim in an Haarlem derby. Pickles UVV …

Dutch Hoofdklasse: Saturday May 7

Another gorgeous baseball day with a clear blue sky and nice temperatures. Kinheim crossed the street once again to face neighboring DSS. Curacao Neptunus only needed seven innings in Hoofddorp vs Vaessen Pioniers, De Glaskoning Twins headed to Utrecht to take on UVV and L&D Amsterdam Pirates was a party pooper in Bussum for HCAW. …

Dutch Hoofdklasse: Thursday, May 5

Finally it has become some nice baseball weather and on this sunny Ascension Day, De Glaskoning Twins headed to Utrecht to face UVV. Curacao Neptunus faced Vaessen Pioniers in Hoofddorp, L&D Amsterdam Pirates played HCAW in Bussum and Kinheim went next doors (literaly) as they crossed the street to take on DSS.  De Glaskoning Twins …

De Glaskoning Twins hire Japanese pitcher

The newest team in the Dutch Hoofdklasse, De Glaskoning Twins, has struck a deal with former Rakuten Golden Eagles and Hanshin Tigers pitcher Keiji Uezono in a very surprising move.  The 32-year old relief pitcher pitched for the Hanshin Tigers from 2007 through 2011. In 2007 he won the Central League's rookie of the year …

Dutch Hoofdklasse: Sunday, May 1

The final day of the third round. The teams that played two home games in the past few days, were on the road today. Curacao Neptunus went to Bussum to face HCAW,  De Glaskoning Twins moved to Haarlem to take on DSS, Kinheim went to neighboring Hoofddorp to take on Vaessen Pioniers and L&D Amsterdam …

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