2021 Belgian Series: Braves Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Pioneers

In a lopsided game one of the best-of-three Belgian Series, Brasschaat Braves didn’t stand a chance against Hoboken Pioneers. Therefore, Hoboken’s starting pitcher Sven Schüller was too strong. Hoboken needed eight innings to finish the game.


Hoboken Pioneers  12  –  1  Brasschaat Braves
Lots of sunshine, a good crowd, fans that cheered on their teams, and a good atmosphere. That was the entourage of game one of the Belgian Series.

HOB flagHoboken Pioneers outfielder Thomas de Wolf stated last week that despite the home field advantage of the Brasschaat Braves, the Pioneers were the favorite for winning the Belgian championship. Based on today’s game, one has to admit that he is right. 

Until the third inning, Brasschaat could keep pace with Hoboken but thanks to a big third inning, the Hoboken Pioneers took a comfortable lead. Back-to-back-to-back singles by Kelvin Delgado, Nicky Mertens and Thomas de Wolf, drove in the opening run for Hoboken. After Dennis de Quint was hit by a pitch and Hoboken loaded the bases, an unlikely player came through big time. Benjamin Goffaux hit a grand slam home run that landed several meters behind the left field fence. 

It took the Braves until the sixth inning to get on the board. With runner on first and second, Yves Poesmans singled toward second base and drove in Jamie Verheyleweghen for the sole run of the Braves. As a result of Poesman’s single, the Braves had runners in scoring position but an inning-ending groundout killed the opportunity to make it a game again. 

Sven Schüller pitched an eight-inning complete game. He limited the Brasschaat Braves to four hits and allowed only one run. The German native needed one hundred and twenty-eight pitches to accomplish the feat. His opponent, Artuur Driessens, was hit well right from the start of the game. Nevertheless he lasted 6.1 innings. 

Hoboken would score three more runs in the seventh and four more in the eight, to end the game prematurely. BRA flag

No need to say that Sven Schüller earned the win. Artuur Driessens took the loss. In 6.1 innings, he gave up eight runs on twelve hits and two walks and struck out two. 

Benjamin Goffaux was clearly the best hitter for Hoboken today as he went 4 for 5 with five RBI, and a grand slam home run. 

Tomorrow the circus will move to Hoboken for game two, a must win game for Brasschaat.

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