News Around Second Belgian Series Team

In the blogpost about the dramatic loss of Hoboken Pioneers against Deurne Spartans, yours truly initially wrote that the landscape of the Belgian Series was set. But someone pointed out that the rules of the Belgian competition tell that with a tie in the standings, an extra game has to be played. So yours truly stands corrected.

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This means that the postponed game between Borgerhout Squirrels and Brasschaat Braves needs to be played. If the Borgerhout Squirrels will win this game, they will advance to the Belgian Series, as their record will improve to 8-2, the same record as the Brasschaat Braves. If the Braves will win the makeup game, the record of the Squirrels will fall to 7-3, the same record as the Hoboken Pioneers. Then, an extra game has to be played to decide the second participant of the Belgian Series.

May be an image of text that says '3.7.1 Gelijke stand twee teams In geval twee teams na het einde van een competitie zich op gelijke hoogte bevinden, zal het eindklassement opgemaakt worden op basis van één extra wedstrijd als de rangschikking bepaald over: 1. Stijgen of dalen naar een andere reeks 2. Deelnemen aan een play-off of Belgian Series 3. Deelnemen aan een hogere of lagere groep bij opsplitsen van een divisie.'
May be an image of text that says '3.7.1 Egalité entre deux équipes Dans le cas où à la fin d'une compétition, si deux équipes se retrouvent à égalité, on établira un classement basé sur un match supplémentaire lorsque le classement détermine: 1. La montée ou la descente vers une autre série 2. La participation à un playoff des Belgian Series 3. La participation un groupe supérieur ou inférieur en cas de scission d' 'une division'

The makeup game will be played on Saturday, October 16 and will start at 12.30 in Brasschaat, at least, according to the website of the KBBSF. Inside information (which can be found on Facebook 😉 ) tells us that on that day, a big family softball tournament is played at Brasschaat, so the question was where the makeup game would be played. But the club made clear that they will mold this family softball tournament around the make up game. Somehow yours truly thinks it will be very crowded in Brasschaat next Saturday. Especially when you know that Borgerhout Squirrels has used its social media channels to rally their supporters to come to Brasschaat to cheer on them (the Squirrels).

Anyhow, the makeup game will be continued from the start of the seventh inning with a 12-12 score, when the game was postponed due to darkness.


If Brasschaat will win the makeup game, the game between the Borgerhout Squirrels and the Hoboken Pioneers will be played the following Sunday, October 17 in Borgerhout as the Squirrels have beaten the Pioneers with bigger numbers. 

Because of the delay due to the makeup game and the eventual extra match between the Squirrels and the Pioneers, the Belgian Series will be played in a best-of-three format instead of a best-of-five format. The reason for the format change is the rule that there has to be a champion before the mont of November. With a best-of-five format, they might not have made it in time. The following dates are scheduled: October 23rd and 24th and October 30th or 31st. 

The clubs that are involved have been informed by the KBBSF already. 


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