Mortsel Stars @ Namur Angels: A Photo Impression

Yours truly headed to Namur, in the deep South of Belgium, to attend two baseball games between the Mortsel Stars and the Namur Angels, that were played in the Belgian Silver League, something that would have been the relegation group. But since the Royal Greys withdrew from the Division 1 before the start of the season, there was an odd number of teams. As a result, no team will relegate this year and one team from Division 2 will be promoted. Normally, yours truly makes a lot more photos but this time I was accompanied by a friend that I had not seen in five years, so walking around all the time with my camera wasn’t very appropriate. Much to my surprise, when in the clubhouse of the Namur Angels, which is located in the French speaking part of Belgium, someone spoke to me in Dutch. This man appeared to be the founder of the club. He did not have any baseball background back then but founded the club with some others who did. He was very friendly and told us that we were always welcome to visit the club again. Altogether, I had a great day and I met some very nice people.
Oh, the Mortsel Stars won game one 3-1 The Namur Angels won game two 2-4.

Here is a photo impression of the games:


The beautiful landscape of the Ardennes


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