Ballparks Around The World: The Newest of Them All, ABC Supply Stadium

In today’s episode of “Ballparks Around The World,” we pay attention to a brand new ballpark. It is even so brand new that it hasn’t opened its doors yet. We are talking about ABC Supply Stadium, (near) future home of the Beloit Snappers.

It can easily be said that ABC Supply Stadium saved baseball for Beloit. The Snappers were one of the teams that were on the original contraction list of MLB but eventually, the new ballpark made sure, the Snappers were not contracted.

ABC Supply Stadium will be the replacement of obsolete Harry C. Pohlman Field that was constructed in 1982. In those days, newly constructed ballparks were nothing more than a bunch of aluminum bleachers. As a result, the ballpark didn’t live up to modern days standards.

The construction of ABC Supply Field started in June 2020 and will be finished at the end of this month. The Beloit Snappes will move into the stadium on August 3rd, when they start a five-game home series against the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

The new ballpark is not huge. It only has a seating capacity of 3,500 but can be expanded to 3,850 due to the grass berms. Unlike many new ballparks, this one will not have many bells and whistles as the ballpark is rather sober.

ABC Supply Gate

The main entrance of the ballpark is located behind center field.

ABC Supply Stadium will be one of the few professional ballparks in the US with artificial turf. The base paths, the area around home plate, the mound will contain dirt. But the artificial turf and the dirt will be exactly the same as the Miami Marlins’ as the latter is the parent club. The warning track will also be made of artificial turf but with the addition of volcanic rock placed under the warning track, outfielders will have a different feel under the turf and know they are approaching the wall.

Left Field Pole
As you can see, the warning track is made of artificial turf

Left-center field will feature a 40 foot-by-40 foot digital jumbotron with high-definition video capabilities. The ballpark has a 360-degree concourse from which you will have a good view on the field from every angle.

Snapper fans will have several choices of seating, from reserved seats, box seats, plushier home plate box seats and club level seats to table seating and standing room only along the concourse.

ABC Supply Stadium

A feature that you will find in many minor league ballparks nowadays is the party deck, that is located along the right field line. From the grandstand, you will have a view at downtown Beloit.

High view of field

To make this $30 million ballpark profitable it will be a multipurpose venue. Of course, baseball will be the main use but it will be used for concerts and other year round purposes. Especially the indoor suites are very suitable for that. According to, the ballpark has been approached for wedding parties as well.

New Locker Room
Spacious new locker rooms

May be an image of grass
May be an image of outdoors
May be an image of outdoors and brick wall

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