Cardinals Get a Partial Win Against The City of Cologne

Five days ago, you could read a blog post about the Cologne Cardinals and the way the club was treated by the City of Cologne. Thanks to an immense support from people in Cologne, Germany, Europe and other parts of the world, the City of Cologne has backed down a bit.


Due to a neighbor, who was complaining about noise, allegedly caused by the Cardinals, the City of Cologne tried to force the club to sign a rental contract for their baseball facility that would have meant the club had to downsize.

Even though there were measurements that proved the noise production stayed within limits, the city tended to listen to that one pesky neighbor.

The Cardinals started a petition, approached the local press and even got some help from the Federal State of North Rhine Westphalia, in which Cologne is situated. As a result, the city backed down a bit. Both parties now have agreed on the extension of the rental agreement until August 31st, 2021. This means that the club doesn’t have to move to this so-called alternative, the city of Cologne had offered. But in the opinion of yours truly, this is nothing more than a Solomonian Judgement from the side of the City of Cologne.

The so-called alternative, offered by the City of Cologne

According to the website of the Cologne Cardinals, the club will do everything it can to reach an agreement that is acceptable for all parties.

To be continued…?

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