Another MLB/MiLB travesty

Recently you could read here about the Astros providing housing for their minor leaguers for the 2021 season since MLB prohibits the use of host families. Here is another fine example of how the rest of MLB is acting.

So far the Houston Astros (or Cheatros if you want to), are the only MLB team giving the example of how to treat their minor leaguers in a good way, even though Jeff Luhnow was the initiator of the plan that cut 42 minor league teams.


After MLB decided that MiLB clubs could not use host families because of the corona pandemic, most minor leaguers were left alone by their club so they had to find housing for themselves, which is a hard thing because hardly any home owner will rent a room or apartment on such a short notice. Especially when they know that a player can be promoted or be send down in the blink of an eye.

The latest travesty comes from a club that charges its AA players a minimum of $57 per day for a stay in the club’s hotel. $57 per day of a homestand that is. This is ridiculous when you know that an AA player is making $86 per day before taxes.

One has to keep in mind that the owner that has decided to charge his AA players this kind of money is a billionaire…

A bit of calculation will teach us the following: An AA club plays 69 home games in 2021. Multiply 69 with 25 (the number of roster players). That makes 1,725. Multiply that amount with $57 and it will make $98.325,00. So this billionaire owner is too greedy to take care of his own employees because he doesn’t want to pay $98.325,00 per season, which is peanuts for him. Unfortunately, the source did not tell the name of the club. Clubs/owners like this deserve to be shamed.

And still people wonder why plenty of baseball fans are turning their backs on MLB.

One Reply to “Another MLB/MiLB travesty”

  1. Again and again well said Yours Truly!!! The famous quote ‘Greed is Good” comes from a film, that obviously these billionaire owners (incl. Magic and Jeter!!) keep on producing in real life while also playing all starring roles. One day they’ll pay a price for that …


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