Astros show their good side for the first time since 2017

Recently, you could read about MLB clubs leaving their minor leaguers in the cold after Manfred and co. decided that minor league players could not use the help of host families due to corona. Now one club finally has stepped up to help its minor leaguers, a club one would not expect: the Astros.

Not only did the Astros cheat their way to the 2017 World Series win, the owner, Jeff Luhnow was the initiator of the plan that cut 42 minor league teams. So true baseball fans had every reason to loathe this ball club.

But today, the club has shown it still has a good side. The club announced that it will provide furnished apartments for all of its minor leaguers, so they don’t have to spend the biggest part of their salary on housing.

Normally, MLB clubs never pay for the housing of their players. In the minors, players use the hospitality of host families or rent an apartment with more players at the same time to save some costs. With this move, players don’t have to share a two-bedroom apartment with six anymore.

One can wonder if Luhnow is buying off his guilt for cutting 42 minor league clubs…

Anyhow, for once I tip my hat to the Astros.

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