Quick Amersfoort signs Jakob Syrén

In a last-minute effort to bolster their pitching staff, Quick Amersfoort made a surprising move by signing Swedish reliever Jakob Syrén, the Dutch Baseball Hangout learned today.

Quick Amersfoort was destined to play in the bottom four competition last year. With a team ERA of 5.87 the team could use some reinforcements. With Jakob Syrén the have found a solid reliever.

Jakob Syrén (right) with Misja Harcksen

After a strong 2018 season with Oosterhout Twins (2.74 ERA in 17 appearances, 22 Ks, and a batting average of his opponents of .247), he wasn’t re-signed by Twins and he headed East to the Solingen Alligators for the 2019 season. With the Alligators, Jakob had an impressive ERA of 1.62 with 19 Ks in 16.2 innings pitched. With the Alligators, his fastball topped 90 MPH for the first time in his career.

In 2020, Jakob played in Sweden with the Rättvik Butchers. He had jumped ships for the 2021 season as he joined nearby Leksand Lumberjacks. But apparently, he could not resist returning to the Dutch hoofdklasse.

IF Jakob has a weakness, it may be the fact that sometimes, he needs some pitches to get out of an inning but even then he manages to keep the opponent from scoring.

But one can say that Quick Amersfoort has acquired a very reliable pitcher in Jakob.

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