Canadian Frontier League Teams Facing Tough Choices

The three Canadian teams in the Frontier League are facing some choices before the start of the upcoming season. During the owner meeting in Orlando, they got two options and they have a week to decide.

Frontier League becomes 'partner league' of MLB | Pro Sports |

Just like last year, baseball is still bothered by COVID19. As a result, the three Canadian teams in the Frontier League, the Quebec Capitales, the Trois- -Rivières Aigles and the Ottawa Titans have to chose whether they will play their will play their home games on US soil for the time being or stay at the Canadian side of the border and cancel their season. The latter option will have some serious financial consequences.

“We got a one-week break to see if this solution is viable for us. As much for the Capitals as for Trois-Rivières or Ottawa, that represents big financial losses. We will talk to each other and ask ourselves: “Are we ready to embark on this?”

“We hope that the border will be open in July and that we can present more local games once we get there,” said Laplante. To make things clear: Laplante , as owner of the Québec Capitales, represented the other two Canadian teams in the Frontier League as well during this owner meeting.

Source:  Frontier League Journal

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  1. I know michael laplante for a long time, I was involved behind the scenes for the Sussex Skyhawks in the can am league iat skylands park in augusta nj from 2006-2010. Johnny regan Somerville nj.


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