Change of URL

In order to get rid of the WordPress reference, the Dutch Baseball Hangout WordPress account has been updated. As a result, there is a different URL without the name WordPress in it.

The WordPress reference was bothering me for quite a while but to change it, you needed an upgrade of your account. Eventually after a long deliberation, yours truly decided to take the step and upgraded the account to have an independent look. The blog is still running on WordPress, which I like a lot, but the url doesn’t show it anymore.

I present you the “new” URL:

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-04 om 17.04.40

For you loyal followers, nothing really changes. The url still exists and when you enter that, you can still visit my blog. Also when you saved the url in your favorites, nothing changes. You can still enjoy the blogposts I am bringing you.

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