Out with the old, in with the new: Nettuno BC 1945 adopts new name

The oldest baseball club of Italy has adopted a new name. The reason is to leave the troubled past of baseball in the city of Nettuno behind and make sure all parties can continue in peace.

After the club was demoted to the second-tier of Italian baseball, the club adopted the name Nettuno BC 1945 to point out its status of being Italy’s oldest club. But the glorious history of the club, seventeen Italian championships and six European championships, was disputed by a newly erected club in Nettuno: Nettuno Baseball City. The latter claimed to be the holder of these records.

After several years of fighting, the Italian Baseball and Softball Fedration (FIBS) eventually recognized Nettuno BC 1945 as legitimate holder of these records in May 2020. That was also the year in which Nettuno Baseball City and Nettuno 2 withdrew from the Serie A1 because of financial problems.

A series of negotiations started and with Nettuno Baseball City and Nettuno 2 out of options, both decided to join forces with Nettuno BC 1945 and join the latter in an attempt to return to the glory days of Nettuno baseball. And this is why the club decided to adopt a new logo and a new name. The club wants to keep all parties aboard and to forget about the troubled past. A sensible move.

NETTUNO BASEBALL CLUB 1945 - Notizie, calendario, partite e curiosità

In the past days, the new logo was presented already. The new logo, shown on the left is modern and it has the shape of the coat of arms, Italian teams wear on their jersey when they have won the Scudetto or Italian championship.

Through a very reliable source with links to the club, Dutch Baseball Hangout learned that the name of the club will also be changed. No more Nettuno BC 1945 but simply “Nettuno Baseball.” Again, this is a move to unite all parties and break with the past.

Let’s hope this move will help the club to return to its glory days of the past. Based on the past, the City of Nettuno belongs at the highest level of Italian baseball.

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