Czech Republic wants to organize 2023 European Championship

Yesterday the Czech Baseball Association announced after its last meeting, it wants to host the 2023 European Championship. It would not be the first time the Czech Republic would (co-)host the event.

New Logo for Czech Baseball Association - News - Czech Baseball Leagues -  Mister BaseballIn a statement CBA chairman Petr Ditrich said: “Yes, we would like to host the European Championships in 2023.” “We have no information about any other interested parties,” added President Ditrich. “We believe that our chances of hosting the championship are high.”

The CBA prefers Brno to host the tournament. That city co-hosted the 2014 European Championship when four cities hosted the tournament. Next to Brno, Ostrava, Trebic and Regensburg in Germany were co-hosts. The Czechs also organized the championship in 2005 when the tournament was played in Prague. 

Source: Milujeme

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